Do I need a licence to ride an electric bike?

No. Under the European and British law you don’t need a licence to ride an electric bike, however, you must be a minimum of 14 years of age.

Is it easy to ride an electric bike?

Yes. If you can ride a conventional push bike you can ride an electric bike!

Who are electric bikes aimed at?

Anyone over the age of 14. They are great for commuters who would prefer to cycle rather than drive or use public transport. Those of us who are not quite as fit as we’d like to be but who still love the freedom of cycling can benefit massively from an electric bike.

Electric bikes can also allow the whole family to go cycling together again with the older or slightly less fit family members using electric bikes to keep up with the rest of the family.
Studies have also shown that people who have an electric bike will use it far more often than a conventional push bike and will also travel further on it.

Electric bikes have been steadily rising in popularity in the U.K, simply due to the fact that they are a fun, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


Are electric bikes difficult to look after and service?

No. Once you have purchased your bike we suggest having a yearly check. Tyres, chains and gears will require attention from time to time as they would with any conventional push bike. This means that any standard bike shop should be able to service and maintain your electric bike for you.


Can I cycle my electric bike normally instead of using the motor?

Yes. The motor can be turned off and you can use your electric bike like any conventional push bike which is great if you only want to use the motor for assistance at certain times such as when you have a steep hill to go up.


How long do they take to charge?

Electric Bikes usually take about 4-6 hours to fully charge. 


What is the distance an electric bike can travel?

An Electric Bike battery capacity will be usually be measured in Ah (amp hours), although sometimes it will be Wh (watt-hours).

As an example, a 10ah (360wh) battery will get you between 25-35 miles range. A 15ah (540wh) battery may take you 50-60miles.


How fast do they go?

A standard 36v battery / 250watt motor will go approximately 15.5mph. These specifications are capped by U.K law and electric bicycles must adhere to these limits in order to be road legal and gain exemption from tax, MOT, insurance, motor licensing, wearing a motorcycle helmet and other forms of road expenditure that other motor vehicles incur.

You can, of course, go faster than 15.5mph when pedalling. They are still bicycles.



Do I need to wear a helmet on an electric bike?

No there is no need to wear a helmet although as with riding any bike we would recommend that you do.


What is the law with regard to electric bikes?

The law is very simple with respect to electric bikes and treats them in exactly the same way as conventional push bikes so long as the following are adhered to:

The electric bike cannot exceed 15.5mph in power-assisted mode.
The motor must be a maximum size of 250 Watts.
Power is immediately cut when the brakes are applied.
The minimum age for riding an electric bike is 14 years of age.
An electric bike must weight a maximum of 40kgs.

The rules and regulations on electric bikes change over time, so please check here for any updates on legalities. https://www.gov.uk/electric-bike-rules

Recent studies have reviled that only just over a third of road users know the highway code! We think safety is paramount. Here is a link for more information: - https://www.gov.uk/guidance/the-highway-code/rules-for-cyclists-59-to-82 

Information and rules about you and your bicycle. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/the-highway-code/annex-1-you-and-your-bicycle