Why Go Electric With A Powabyke?

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With 20 years experience the Electric Powabyke range has evolved from the early pioneering days of heavy lead-acid batteries and cumbersome steel frames into producing advanced lightweight nimble alloy frames with powerful Lithium Battery technology.

In 2013 Powabyke celebrated its 15th anniversary!

We love to work with the passionate UK suppliers, we have chosen to offer their range of folding electric bikes 

The F100 Range comes in 4 colours, white, black, blue and charcoal. The Powabyke F100, the lightest folding electric bike in the Powabyke range weighing in at just 17kg. Ideal for users where space is at a premium, commuters, or caravan and motorhome users. The F100 series is great for getting around in comfort and style!

The Classy Blue F100 will make you stand out from the crowd! 


The Powabyke F100 Electric Bike folds up neatly to - dimensions 18″ x 30″ x 26″ or 46cm x 76cm x 66cm.

It will fit in the boot of your car, in your motorhome, caravan or in the cupboard under the stairs when your home from your adventures.

It also has Front LED Light 

An LED display with PAS settings and throttle only option.

With over 40,000 Powabykes sold, the Powabyke brand has proved itself as a no-nonsense reliable electric bike and remains committed to customer service. 

Over the years the Powabyke team have experienced the joy and usefulness that electric bikes bring to peoples lives whether it be recovering from a knee operation and need that bit of help or the freedom an electric bike brings to someone who thought they would never ride again because of illness or simply getting older. Powabyke has seen Asthma sufferers smile with joy as they motor down the road and MS sufferers speed away on an electric bike.


People understand that if they can replace a car journey by using an electric bike then it does make a difference in so many ways… fuel usage, gas emissions, safety, fitness, well being to name a few. 

Get out Do more! 

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