Why Buy a RooDog Electric Bike?

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Why did we choose to work with RooDog Electric Bikes?

Our first reason was the top class customer service this company offers, we believe that customer satisfaction is at the heart of what they do!
Roodog Ltd was Established in January 2013 and is a family run business. Based near the beautiful seaside town of Hornsea, in East Yorkshire. 
RooDog continuously carries out research and development into the requirements of the UK electric bicycle market. Helping them to consistently deliver an innovative, high quality, value for money electric bikes.
All of their products are CE approved, and all tested to EN15194 (the latest EU safety standards by which all e-bikes are tested). They come with a 2 Year Warranty too! 
Take a look at their premises and workshop in Hornsea, you can even go and visit them and test ride their range of electric bikes. 


They have a range of electric Bikes to suit everyone.

Folding Compact Electric Bikes


Lightweight Mountain Bikes


Road & City Electric Bikes


They provide a 100% quality and safety inspection prior to delivery. When ordering online, all bikes come 80% assembled. Once the bike is purchased,  delivery will be within approx 3-5 working days (providing they are in stock), you will receive a new RooDog e-bike. Just assemble the remaining parts, charge the battery and enjoy all the benefits your new e-bike has to offer.

A recent study on the environmental impact of e-bikes verse other forms of transportation found that e-bikes are about:


  • 18 times more energy efficient than a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)
  • 13 times more energy efficient than a sedan (i.e. family car)
  • 6 times more energy efficient than rail transit

RooDog has an e-bike for everyone to suit your lifestyle or taste.

Enjoy The Ride! 


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