How do Electric Bikes work?

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An Electric bike is just a bicycle with all the same components as any other, with the added advantage of the electric motor. There are 2 main components to the Electric element of e-bikes and they are the battery and the motor. Forget the motor for a minute when selecting your new electric bike and think about all the same things you would consider when buying a normal bike, what riding style are you comfortable with?  What type of bike, Mountain bike, Road & City, Folding Compact, Step over or step through, etc.

Battery - Simply dictates how far you can go. More expensive batteries will hold more charge and therefore carry you further.
Motor - Controls the torque. The more advanced the electric motor, the more torque it offers. The more torque you have, the more power you can get out of the bike.



Provides info on battery level, range, speed, distance, trip distance and assistance modes. 


E-bike batteries are made from lithium-ion - the same material as is used to power electric cars. You recharge them by plugging them into an electrical socket, just like a mobile phone. Recharge time is approx. 3 to 4  hours.


With an e-bike, you are in control of the motor. It will adjust assistance according to how hard you pedal, to deliver just the right amount of power.

Motors and batteries are predominantly supplied by Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha. Our product specifications will provide you with a comprehensive overview of each of our selected E-Bikes. 

Some E-Bikes have a thumb throttle.


Along with different controls, depending on the bike and the manufacturer


There are numerous benefits to owning an electric bike, whether you are already a regular cyclist or contemplating taking up cycling for the first time, more exercise would be a good thing for many of us. Even on an E-Bike, you will get exercise. Just peddling will keep joints mobile and burn more calories than sitting in a car or on a bus. If you suffer from painful leg joints, then the gentle workout offered by an electric bike might help.


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